Purple Mop Head

Purple Mop Head




The Purple mop head is made of micro fiber material. Replacement head replaces original when dirty or worn out they last 6 months of heavy duty usage. The advantage of the purple mop head is that it blends in the dirt and it’s hard to see, and your mop head won’t look dirty.

Another advantage is that the mop head won’t stink and leave odor like traditional mops that need to be rung by hand. The Spin Right Mop replacement Head attaches easily to the Spin Mop handle for use. When dirty, simply wash in a washing machine and air dry (do not dry in dryer).

Effortlessly cleans your floors without straining your back. The mop rotates 360 degrees allowing you to collect more dirt and dust in tricky corners or under small overhangs. Great on ceramic, hardwood and tile surfaces.

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