Blue Spin Mop and Bucket Package-Special

Blue Spin Mop and Bucket Package-Special




The special blue spin mop and bucket package includes:

  • One blue spin mop bucket with stainless steel spinner basket for effortless wringing
  • One coordinating stainless steel blue spin mop pole
  • One stainless steel pole extender
  • One white spin mop head for bleach jobs
  • One purple spin mop head for general use (designed to keep the mop head from looking dingy and dirty)
  • One green spin mop dust and polishing head
  • One yellow spin mop scrub brush head

The unique Spin Right Mop handle was specially designed to prevent lower back pain while mopping and rinsing the mop head. The standard pole has a total height of 48”. With the added pole extender it becomes an extra tall pole at 59”.

No other spin mop pole on the market is as long as the Spin Right Mop pole, and the spinning action allows you to rinse and wring the mop without bending over or squatting down.

The Spin Right Mop pole is constructed of sturdy stainless steel with fashion color accents, and a lock to keep the mop stationary when cleaning. Simply release the lock to spin the mop in the bucket for rinsing and wringing. Then flip the lock back into place to continue mopping. Just spin and go. VERY CONVENIENT!!

Spin Right Mop separates itself from competitors with this pole. You will not find another pole on the market with a unique handle like this one.

The mop and bucket are designed to work together, allowing the mop head to spin a full 360 degrees in the mop water when the pole is unlocked.  The two step process allows you to completely rinse the dirt from mop head and infuse it with clean mop water. Next, you wring the mop by spinning it in the stainless steel spinner basket, removing just the right amount of water from the mop head.

For further ease and comfort you can clean detach the mop head from the spin mop handle and toss it in the washing machine. Just make sure you don’t place the mop head in the dryer. No more stooping over the tub or sloshing water everywhere trying to clean your mop head in a bucket. HOW EASY IS THAT!!

The white spin mop head is made of micro fiber material used for cleaning jobs that require bleach. Another advantage is that the mop head won’t stink and leave odor like traditional mops that need to be rung by hand.

The purple spin mop head is also made of micro fiber which won’t stink or leave an order and is for general use and cleaning. The purple color of the mop head was specially designed to reduces the effects of staining, keeping your mop head from looking dirty and dingy over time.

Both the white and the purple spin mop heads are designed for 6 months of heavy use. You can easily purchase additional mop heads on this website when it is time to replace them.

The green dust mop works good for polishing the wood floors or for dusting jobs. Works great for cleaning the windows or to wash the car, boat, or any vehicle.

The yellow scrub brush is great for scrubbing the floors, shower and tub, and works great on ceramic and tile floors. It gets the dirt out of the grout very well in between the tile. It can also be spun inside the bucket but only on the wash side (not inside of the stainless steel basket) to wash off any dirt that has accumulated on the scrub brush.

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