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Spin Mop and Bucket System

Spin Mops have become popular over the last few years. With a spin mop you eliminate all of the back straining work associated with mopping and cleaning when using a regular mop – bending, stooping, crouching, twisting, wringing or any of the other painful movements required to mop and clean the hard floor surfaces in your home.

Spin mops are changing the way we clean our homes, which is a good thing, except that they forgot one thing that really makes a great spin mop – the mop pole. The Spin Right Mop and Bucket System took a long, hard look at the pole and engineered a pole that is more useful and ergonomic.

A Better Mop Pole Makes All The Difference

As with many other spin mops the Spin Right Mop twists in 360 degree motion inside the bucket. But most spin mops were not designed to stop spinning. The Spin Right Mop pole has a locking mechanism that keeps the mop pole in place, which gives you more control while you are mopping and cleaning.

To create a more ergonomic product, they also made the mop pole longer, which creates a more comfortable experience when maneuvering the mop. You can clean a larger surface from one location without bending way over, reducing further strain on your lower back. The Spin Right Mop and Bucket system was developed to make the process of mopping and cleaning easier, more sanitary and less painful.

A Better Mop Head Is More Sanitary

Have you ever picked up your mop and smelled the stench of that bad odor? That is millions of colonies of bacteria that have taken up residence in your mop head. Imagine using a mop head that is depositing bacteria all over your floor while you are mopping. HOW GROSS IS THAT!!

The mop heads for the Spin Right Mop System are detachable, so you can easily launder your mop head to kill the bacteria and eliminate the stink and bad odor associated with traditional string and sponge mops.

More Mop Heads Mean More Versatility

Because the heads of the Spin Right Mop are detachable, you can also use the dusting/polishing head on your nice marble and hard wood floors, even use it to clean windows, cars, boats and other vehicles. Finally, you can attach the scrub brush head for those hard-to-handle jobs of scrubbing the tile in your tub or shower, or clean the grout between your tiles. Then put the polishing head back on to buff and shine your tiles when you are done.

The Spin Right Mop System reduces the pain of cleaning, is sanitary, versatile with several mop head, all of which are replaceable. Order your Spin Right Mop and Bucket system today and see how much easier it is to clean, mop, dust and polish. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Remember, if it is not a Spin Right Mop, it is not a Quality Spin Mop.

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