Spin Right Mopping System Features


The Spin Right Mop pole has a locking mechanism that keeps the mop pole in place, which gives you more control while you are mopping and cleaning.


The mop heads for the Spin Right Mop System are detachable, so you can easily launder your mop head to kill the bacteria and eliminate the stink and bad odor.


The Spin Right Mop System is versatile with mop heads, a dusting head and a scrub brush, all of which are detachable, working on the same mop pole.

Jose Tovar On The Spin Right Mop System

"We're living in the future, we don't need to struggle when we clean anymore."

I don't like to clean but I have to. So might as well make life easy on me. If you didn't clean with this mop you didn't clean. Now there's no excuse why you didn't clean it's not going to get any easier. I'm assuming you have a maid because it's not going to get any easier on you. And if you do have a maid give them my business card. You NEED it even if you don't want it. Let's get with the times people.

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